Consider When Choosing Colors For An Orange Brick House

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what color goes with orange brick house

If you have an orange brick house, you are probably wondering what color goes with it. It is a tricky color to pick, but there are a few different shades that are worth considering. These colors are Forest green, burgundy, navy blue and gold. The key is to find one that suits your personality and tastes.

Gray or greige

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1Gray or greige

2Navy blue


4Forest green

If you have an orange brick house, consider painting it with a gray or greige color. These colors work with any style, and are the perfect neutral backdrop for warm furnishings. However, it is important to choose a color that matches your home’s style.

Agreeable Gray: is a warm gray paint color that pairs well with white trim and wood. This is an extremely popular choice because it is versatile and works well with any decor. It also has no strong undertones and is easy to coordinate with any other color.

Repose Gray: is another very popular Sherwin Williams color. It is a light gray that has beige undertones, and is an excellent choice for dark rooms. The paint color will brighten up the room without making it feel cold.

Functional Gray: is a beautiful form of greige that is perfect for sidings with brick accents. This muddy gray base color will give your home a serene feel.

The darkest greige:, Revere Pewter, is very popular, but it can be too dark for some rooms. On the other hand, BM Stone Hearth is an excellent taupe / greige color that will look lighter on the exterior.

  • Navy blue
  • If you have an orange brick house you have a few options to make it more appealing. You can simply paint it, or you can update the exterior with a coat of sealant.
  • Navy blue is a good color to use for a home. It is a sophisticated and elegant hue that works well with a wide variety of other colors. To really get the best out of it, choose an accent color that complements it.
  • Navy blue is also a good choice for walls. Mixing it with warm neutrals creates a soothing and restful look. White and other light neutrals are the perfect partners for navy.

Orange is a complementary color to navy. Pairing these two colors together will add contrast, and a pop of color, to your home. For a more formal look, try adding gold or silver.

The front door of an orange brick house can be the center of attention. A colorful front door can be the most eye-catching feature of the house, and is also an excellent way to bring out the red tones of the brick.

  • Burgundy

Burgundy is a rich

  •  hue that can go with a lot of different colors. Its color is a blend of rusty red and purple, which makes it a versatile choice.
  • Burgundy is often confused with Merlot, a lighter red, but they are not quite the same. This color can be used in a variety of ways, from an accent color to a full wall.
  • In terms of style, this is one of the most versatile colors. It pairs well with neutrals like white and brown. Adding pops of color can also be helpful. However, it is important to consider the time of year that you’re renovating.

For example, if you’re renovating during the winter, you might want to use a lighter shade. Light yellow is a great choice to bring out the orange tones of your bricks. You can also choose a darker shade for an elegant look.

Another good idea is to add a few pops of color in the form of colorful accessories. This will brighten up your home without overwhelming it.

Choosing the right color scheme for your home can be tricky. One way to choose a color is to use the color wheel. A good color wheel will help you determine which colors will complement each other.

  • Forest green

If you want to give your orange brick house a fresh new look without changing the color, try a coat of sealant. This is also a great way to protect your house.

Orange and forest green colors

 The color orange and forest green go well together, especially when they are used in the right proportions. There are plenty of ways to use them in your home, including in accents or a main color scheme.

You may consider painting the front door a bold hue. This will complement the orange facade and give your home an upbeat feel.

If you would like a more earthy feel, brown can be a good choice. It works with many other colors, and can add richness and depth to your design.

Choosing colors for your orange brick house can be challenging, but if you choose wisely, you can make the colors work together. For instance, deep magenta can create a bold look. Or, you can opt for a lighter shade of pink, such as blush. These two colors make a great contrast.

Burgundy is another color that pairs well with forest green. Deep reds create a sophisticated and elegant look. On the other hand, mustard yellow is a warm color that pairs well with a lighter shade of forest green..


It’s easy to enhance the look of an orange brick house with just a little bit of painting. The challenge comes from choosing the right colors. Luckily, there are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to making the right choices.

First, take a look at the overall tone of the orange bricks. This will help you narrow your color palette. For example, the orange bricks may be a shade of red. If you’re considering painting the exterior of your orange brick house, you can consider choosing a shade that’s closer to yellow or even beige.

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